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New stools for the kids’ bathroom


I bought two new stools for the kids’ bathroom this weekend. I like to refer to the update as my bathroom “remodel”, because spending $45 on a remodel sounds so much more thrifty than spending $45 on a couple of stools, right? My justification: we were using a little plastic one for the potty stool, that was looking pretty grungy, and it wasn’t all that stable. My daughter is a new big potty user, so I wanted a more stable potty stool that wouldn’t slide around.

We were using her old “potty chair slash stool” as the stool for the sink. Again, plastic and grungy, and I wanted to eliminate the remote possibility that she’d want to go back to using the thing. I needed to make sure that my days of cleaning potty seats were through. To me, cleaning potty seats is by far a more nasty undertaking than dealing with a dirty diaper.

So when I went to Target, I made a beeline for these stools I’ve eyed for quite a while. I got the one pictured above, and the two-step version, which for some reason is not for sale online. They are both super stable. They won’t budge at all if you try to scooch them over. You have to use the side handles to lift and move them. It also has a lift up lid for storage. We got the white ones, so they do show dirt, but the flat smooth tops are easy to clean with the swipe of an antibacterial wipe.

I love the practicality of these stools, and also how they give the bathroom a clean fresh look.

$14.99 at Target (and I think the two-step storage stool was $29.99)

Posted Tuesday, March 17, 2009 in Bath & Body, Cleaning, Kids, Organizing