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All Natural Play Clay


I’m a big fan of homemade playdough. But if you don’t have cream of tartar on hand, or don’t feel like cooking your dough, this “playclay” is a pretty good substitute. And since there’s no cooking involved, the kids can help make it.

I tore out the recipe from this month’s Family Fun magazine, and we made it this weekend. We followed the recipe for the most part, but skiped the suggested natural coloring (cocoa powder, beet juice, paprika or turmeric) and used regular food coloring instead. We used a little less than a half cup salt and water, because what kind of a measurement is 3/8 cup? Maybe there was a day when I owned a 1/8 measuring cup. We also had to use quite a bit of extra flour to keep the clay from sticking to our hands, and to get it so it wasn’t too sticky.

Here’s a link to the online recipe. It’s almost the same as the magazine recipe, but the magazine recipe included a tablespoon of vegetable oil too (and those natural dyes I mentioned). We refrigerated it overnight and the kids are playing with it now. It’s a little harder the second day and definitely not as soft as homemade playdough, but it’s keeping them busy while I write this, so it gets my approval. (update: it softens up lickety split. It was just hard from being so cold in the fridge.) My daughter just brought me a big scoop of “ice cream”. Love it.

Recipe at Family Fun Magazine

Posted Sunday, September 13, 2009 in Kids