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Baby Einstein Offers Full Refund on DVDs


Just in case you hadn’t heard, Baby Einstein is offering a full refund on their DVDs sold between June 5, 2004, and Sept. 5, 2009 for customers not satisfied with their purchase. This offer is limited to four DVDs per household, and they’re refunding $15.99 per DVD. If you don’t want the refund, you can also exchange your DVD for a Baby Einstein book, music CD, or a 25% off coupon for Little Einstein merchandise, redeemable at

Full details on how to get your refund or exchange, google “Baby Einstein refund” because it seems they’ve disabled links that go to the page giving full information on the refund.

If you’re interested in the how’s and why’s of this refund and Baby Einstein’s “setting the record straight” response, read more here.

Posted Monday, October 26, 2009 in Baby