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Boom Chicka Bites


I recently had the opportunity to try the new Boom Chicka Bites. They’re sweet popcorn snacks that come in all the yummy flavors you see here: fruit and nut, sweet and salty nut, tropical mix and mixed berry. If you like popcorn and have a sweet tooth, you will love these treats. The taste reminded me of the candy-coated popcorn that was such a huge trend when I was a kid.

These little guys aren’t just popcorn. They have “ancient grains” like popped sorghum and puffed amaranth — and if gluten is an issue, you’ll be happy to know they are gluten free. They are not sugar-free, however, so I mixed a little of these Boom Chicka Bites in with plain popcorn to cut the sugar. Plus, I like a good sweet-salty combo. Here are a few pics of these popcorn treats in the kids lunchbox:


You can buy Boom Chicka Bites at Target, where they’re part of the handpicked Target “Made to Matter” snack selections. What are you snacking on this summer? Share your latest snacking obsession in the comments!

Posted Tuesday, June 30, 2015 in Food & Drink