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CLIF Kid Zfruit + Veggie snacks


CLIF Kid just came out with a new product — Organic  Zfruit + Veggie snacks. They were kind enough to send me a box to sample. My kids tore into them immediately and declared happily “You can’t taste the veggies AT ALL!” (I’ve had them try cheddar crackers with broccoli in the past, and apparently the veggie taste wasn’t hidden quite as well in those.)


These sweet snacks come in three flavors: Blueberry Blast, Cheery Cherry and Mango Mania. They get their veggies from sweet potato puree and carrot puree. Each rope has 50 calories and no fat. If you’re looking for protein, you won’t find any here, but you will get 3 grams of fiber, which you don’t always see in similar snacks. Watching sugar? Each snack has 11 grams.


And in addition to their yummy taste, these little fruit and veggie ropes are peelable. On the left, you’ll see a whole one, and on the right, one I peeled into five tasty strips. Keep a wipe handy if your kids are going to be stripping away, because they’re a little sticky. The strips would make fun edible hair on a waffle  or pancake face (if you like to play with your food).


The cute box these samples came in can be used as a planter for a kitchen herb garden.  Thanks CLIF Kid!

Posted Wednesday, January 29, 2014 in Food & Drink, Kids