Fun Finds For Mom



I have a new love of clothespins. I bought a package last month with big plans to make an advent calendar of clothespins and envelopes holding 25 little treats. Yeah, that never happened. I ended up putting all the clothespins in a little container on the kitchen counter, and then realized they make great chip clips. We had always been short of clips for chip and pretzel bags, and ended up using rubber bands, or just rolling up the bag and then squinching it up against something to hold it closed. Now I have more clips than I could ever need. You can’t beat the price –they come in a package of 50 for a few dollars at Target stores. Much better than the cheapy plastic clips we had been using that seemed to break so easily too. And better looking too. Do any of you love clothespins – or have other good uses for them?

Posted Monday, December 21, 2009 in Food & Drink, Organizing