Fun Finds For Mom

Collector of interesting things

My sweet almost 6-year old daughter is a Collector of Interesting Things. Ever since I can remember, she has been on the lookout for special objects everywhere we go. She comes home from school and empties her pockets brimming with treasures from recess expeditions. On walks, her eyes scan the earth looking for something unexpected. Sometimes she takes walks with her daddy in the alley to find the really good stuff . Here’s her take from one such walk, which she lined up across the back patio and photographed herself.

The tidepools at the beach this summer yielded shiny shells, smooth rocks, dead sand crabs — even a lobster tail. Sadly, it was a “no collecting” beach, so she left her little pile on a curb by the showers.

The next day, she found a rock painted with the number 10 — in colors that matched her outfit!

I was inspired to take the last two photos by Design Mom’s post about a woman named Maura who finds things on her runs and photographs them in her open palm. I’d like to continue to do this and display all the photos together. Someday my daughter will be more interested in texting and boys than filling her pockets and jewelry boxes with interesting things, and I want to have a record of this special time in her life. I love you, sweet girl.

What about you? Do your kids collect things?

Posted Tuesday, August 14, 2012 in Uncategorized