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Cute hats at Target


I went to Target by myself today (a rare morning of “me” time), found some very cute hats and bought one. No, not that one, matey (no idea what’s up with the pirate hat). This one…


Even though I’m not normally a hat person, I’ve been wanting a hat like this — especially since it’s starting to cool off. (My aunt reminded me that we Phoenicians are delusional because when it dips into the 90’s, we want to break out the sweaters.) It’s not as soft as it looks – more of a crunchy texture – but I think it’s cute and it was nice putting it on over wet, un-blowdried hair to hide the crazy mess. I think the other “conductor” and “newsboy” hats look nice too.

Another highlight of my Target trip was a toilet seat with a built-in kid-size seat that you can lock up into the lid if you just want to use the regular size seat. Why oh why did I not get one of these years ago? It’s so cool and will be so much nicer than cleaning a removable disgusting potty seat. I even installed it myself. They didn’t have the one I bought online, but it’s kind of like this one, and it was on sale for $17.

Happy Weekend!

Hats $9.99 at Target

Posted Friday, September 18, 2009 in Fashion, Kids