Fun Finds For Mom

Earth-lovin cloth napkins and snack sacks


I’ve cut down on my paper towel usage quite a bit, thanks to my Trader Joe’s cloths and a new Twist bamboo cloth that I just started using yesterday. Now it’s time to think about moving my paper-saving ways out of the kitchen and over to the dining table.

These cloth napkins from Love For Earth look like something I’d like to try. I do own cloth napkins that we registered for when we got married. But I never use them because they are completely unabsorbent. In fact, I wonder… is there a fancy cloth napkin out there that can sop up anything? Because they always seem so thin and wimpy. These babies on the other hand, are made of diaper cloth and look beefy enough to handle a puddle of spilled milk. They’re described on the site as “workhorse daily napkins”. My kind of napkins.

I also love these snack sacks, again from Love For Earth…


When you read the description about how ORGANIC and CERTIFIED and NATURAL the cotton canvas is, I’m telling you, you’ll want to forget the snack and eat the bag. Plus they come with the cutest appliques – hearts, flowers, apples, and fish. Don’t they look like they could make a cute little girl’s “purse” too? The description says the drawstring closes tight to keep food super fresh, and they’re made to withstand lots and lots of trips through the washer.

$11.75 for set of 12 cloth napkins and $8.50 for snack sacks

Posted Tuesday, June 23, 2009 in Food & Drink, Kids