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Flap Happy Hats


Yes, I realize that much of the country is moving on from summer fashions, but here in Arizona, we’ve got plenty of sunshine, and a year-round need for sun hats. You may know of my love for Sunday Afternoon sunhats, but if you’re looking for something a wee bit more fashionable, you should take a look at these Flap Happy sun hats.

My friend Carolyn and her baby daughter sent this hat (and a matching suit to boot) to my daughter a few days ago, and they are a-dor-able. Her hat is pure pink, and has the big floppy brim shown here. They’re made by a Santa Monica company and you can browse their full line of products here, but they don’t sell their goodies online directly. I found a selection of Flap Happy things at, including the suit my lucky girl received…


And you can feel like a smartie by buying a bathing suit on sale, since the season’s over (well, in most parts of the country anyway).

$14 hat and $24.95 suit at

Thanks Carolyn and Baby E!

Posted Friday, September 25, 2009 in Fashion, Gifts, Kids