Fun Finds For Mom

Fresh Figs


My parents had us over for swimming and a barbecue last night, and not only did we get to feast on my dad’s delicious hamburgers, but we also were sent home with a big batch of fresh figs from their backyard tree — the same tree I used to love climbing as a kid. I knew every branch and always followed the same path up to my special sitting spot. We’ve been reading The Giving Tree at bedtime lately, so maybe that’s why I’m feeling nostalgic for the old fig tree. But I digress.

How delicious does this grilled pizza look? It’s made with figs, mozarella, goat cheese, arugula and balsamic onions. My mouth is watering. I emailed the recipe to my husband and told him I’d make this for him as soon as he brings home a grill. I can’t stop looking at that dough. I see the bite that I want.

Recipe and photo from Gourmet Girl

Posted Monday, July 6, 2009 in Food & Drink