Fun Finds For Mom

Fun Chop chopstick helpers

My kids LOVE to eat with chopsticks. Which is awesome. Except that they don’t know how to eat with chopsticks. I meant to ask my sister to bring some trainer chopsticks from Japan when she was here earlier this month, but totally forgot.

Happily, Pei Wei read my mind and threw two of these Fun Chops in our takeout bag last week. These little nubs of plastic snap right on your chopsticks turning them into wonderful eating devices — for kids! If you needed a reason to pick up some Dan Dan Noodles or crispy honey chicken for dinner, well there you go. I love that Pei Wei gives these out as a little bonus. If you don’t have a Pei Wei near you, you can buy them online for only 50 cents at Asian Food Grocer.

Here’s what they look like close-up, with a peek at the back:

I think taking these photos inspired my lunch today — Trader Joe’s vegetable fried rice with an egg stir-fried in. Yum.

Posted Thursday, September 29, 2011 in Food & Drink, Kids