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Gorgeous Fruit & Veggie Bar

I’ve long admired the crazy dessert tables at all the amazing parties in blogland — but deep down I knew I could never put up a huge table of sweets at a party and not have the other parents hate me.

I remember when I wrote about Amy Atlas’ dessert tables, my aunt Lorrie Beth sent me an email telling me the tables were gorgeous but all that sugar “freaked her out.” (She is the queen of beautifully arranged fruits and vegetables, so I know she’ll appreciate this one!)

Ester Kim is the woman who created this. She was inspired by all the beautiful dessert and candy stations, but wanted to create a healthier version. How smart and creative is that? Hopefully it will inspire a whole new fruit and veggie bar party trend. LOVE it.

See all the details and photos at My Bride Story.

Posted Tuesday, November 23, 2010 in Food & Drink, Kids