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Green smoothie cleanse


I know green drinks have been all the rage for some time now. I really was never that interested in jumping on that trend until I met two friends for coffee the other day and heard what they had to say. They had both recently done the same one week green smoothie cleanse and both lost 5 pounds in one week. Frankly I was so ready to lose 5 pounds in one week, I was ready to try anything. Something about turning 40 seems to have slowed down my metabolism. The pounds have been creeping on, and my usual methods to lose a few have been unsuccessful.

I don’t like to do extreme diets, but when I got the details, this one sounded pretty manageable. Here’s what you eat:

  • Breakfast: Green smoothie consisting of 2 cups of water, 2 cups of fruit, three handfuls (three cups) of greens like spinach, kale or spring mix and up to 2 tablespoons of flax meal (or flax seeds)
  • Lunch: Green smoothie (same as above)
  • Snacks: Crunchy vegetables, apples, up to 2 Tablespoons of nut butter (peanut butter, almond butter), raw nuts (a handful a day). One friend added avocado and eggs because she was craving fats.
  • Dinner: Another smoothie (if you’re hard core) or if you prefer to do the modified version, you have lean protein and vegetables or salad.

You guys, these smoothies are delicious. Take a look:


I use frozen bananas, frozen pineapple and frozen mango. I also tried frozen berries, but I don’t like it as much with berries. Something about that putrid color maybe. For my greens, I like spinach the best. Spring mix is okay, but romaine was way too stringy. I use a regular blender, which seems to do the trick, but the romaine left stringy bits in the drink. Gross, I know.

And the results? In two and a half days, and some cheating here and there (a mini croissant, a piece of pizza, mashed potatoes, a few chocolate caramel balls — okay maybe a lot of cheating), I’ve lost three pounds! I know — you’re thinking those pounds are just going to come back, but according to my friends, most of the weight they lost has stayed off.

Normally I drink a ton of coffee in the morning, but my desire for coffee has actually gone down and I am fine with just one cup. I can even imagine skipping the coffee because I’m so excited to blend up my filling and refreshing green drink! This is not normal for me.

So if you want to give it a try, take my friend’s advice and “be as lenient or as strict as you want.” I like the no pressure approach.

Here’s a link for smoothie inspiration:

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