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Guide to a Summer that doesn’t suck

I first learned about the website local Lily a few weeks ago on the now defunct Valley PR blog. Brandi Walsh and Beth Hickey, the gals behind the site, created a persona named Lily  — a stylish, social friend who shops, eats and lives locally. And lucky for us, our new friend Lily wrote a comprehensive guide to help us make the most of summer!

Many of the features in this free downloable PDF are for those of us who proudly brave the scorching oven that is summertime in Arizona. However there are also tips  that apply equally to our friends who like to go outside in the summer.

Arizonans should check out Lily’s picks for eating, shopping and things to do around town (new restaurants, shady hikes, cool boutiques). Non-Arizonans will appreciate great recipes for hydrating mists and summer cocktails. (I could use some of each right now.)

If you know any moms bringing their kiddos to Arizona for a vacation, there are tons of great ideas for things to do with the little ones in the Phoenix area.

Thanks for all the tips Lily. So glad to have met you!

Posted Thursday, June 9, 2011 in Food & Drink, Kids