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Handheld Gaming – Old School Style

This weekend, my kids spotted these at LGO, and I couldn’t resist. I have great memories playing these type of games when I was a kid. And they were $2 (and good quality to). We got a fish and a ladybug for my son and daughter. Can I tell you — they did not want to put these things down! My husband was watching them hunched over their games, and said something about how they were so into their handheld games. I cracked up. We are still video game holdouts. No Wii. No Xbox. No DSes in our house. We don’t want our kids hooked on video games. We want them to play. Outside. To learn how to entertain themselves — which to be honest is not always easy. Lately, I’ve been tempted to give in. But for now, they are handheld gamers of a different sort. Seriously. We had to tell them they couldn’t play them at the dinner table. I kind of love that they’re hooked on these “bead tilt games”. Throw a few in your kids’ Easter baskets so they can enjoy some old school gaming too!

$1.99 each here and here. (or get them at La Grande Orange if you’re a local)

Posted Monday, April 4, 2011 in Activity, Gifts, Kids