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Hanna Andersson pj’s on sale! (and 5 reasons why you need to buy some)

If you’re thinking of giving the kids (or yourself) pajamas for Christmas or Hanukkah, Hanna Andersson is having their big The More the Merrier Sale with up to 40% off loads of items, including my kids’ favorite organic cotton pajamas (adorable long johns like the ones shown above are now $28 instead of $42).

Check out all the Hanna Andersson sale items right here — hurry because they won’t last long at these prices.

… and if you still need justification for splurging on organic cotton pj’s, here are a few reasons why I’m such a fan.

1. No flame retardants

In the past, flame retardant chemicals were required on all children’s sleepwear. Today, kids pajamas (size 9 months to size 14) must either be flame resistant or snug-fitting. Why would I want to put my kids in garments treated with some unknown chemicals when I can safely put them in natural fibers? To make sure you’re choosing pajamas with no fire retardants, look for this long yellow hangtag, required by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission:

2. No pesticides used on cotton

So why are organic cotton pajamas any better than regular cotton pajamas? For answers, I turned to the About Organic Cotton website. Here, I found quite a bit of information about the differences in seed preparation, weed control and harvesting. The most important difference to me is the plain and simple fact that organic cotton is grown without the use of pesticides — better for the earth, better for the people living on this earth.

3. They are super soft

Hanna Andersson pajamas are the softest pajamas I’ve ever bought. My kids notice it too and always reach for them first. Even better, these pajamas get softer with age. Last week I scored a pair of Hanna shorties at my favorite consignment store, and let me tell you, they were like butter.

4. They make excellent hand-me-downs

I am all about justifying the cost of things however I can. One great way to do this is knowing that quality pajamas like Hanna Andersson can be passed down from one kid to the next (and if you get gender-neutral colors, you can even share between sons and daughters!) If you only have one child, you’re bound to have a friend or cousin who would be very happy to receive your child’s soft jammies as a well-loved hand-me-down.

5. Splurge on something you’ll feel good about

My kids do not wear all organic clothing and they do not sleep on organic mattresses. I don’t buy all organic food and not all of their pajamas are organic. So why do I splurge on a pair or two of organic kids pajamas? It feels good. As I told my husband, I buy most of their clothes at consignment stores or on sale at Old Navy and Target. But when it comes to pajamas and school shoes, I like to splurge. It feels great to give the kids a pair of pajamas they will love to wear. I first bought my son a pair of Hanna Andersson shorties about two years ago. He loves these pajamas like no other pair he’s ever had. He is not a boy to notice much about clothing, but he has commented on the softness of those pajamas many times, and they’re always the first pair he reaches for (when they’re clean)! I prefer to buy fewer pairs of quality pajamas than several pairs of cheaper PJs. The trick is getting the kids to wear them more than once before tossing them in the hamper!



Posted Thursday, November 15, 2012 in Fashion, Gifts, Kids