Fun Finds For Mom

Hello again.


I’ve been away for too long my friends. Plenty of posts planned for next week, including a few fun giveaways. In the meantime, I bought these boots today (half price at Last Chance) with some birthday money .

As my dad would say, I’m now “37 friggin years old”. He says this on every birthday and anniversary, with a big stress on the “friggin”. It was a great birthday. A gorgeous day that I got to enjoy with my family. And if you’re looking for a rich gooey and delicious chocolate cake and live in the Phoenix area, you must try the Chocolate Bouchon at Postino. Ta die for. Almost as good as the chocolate croissant bread pudding at 230 Forest in Laguna Beach – my all time favorite dessert.

I also bought the most comfortable and stylish (in my opinion anyway) pair of shoes I have owned in a long long while. These…


I have wanted these Dansko shoes for 9 or 10 years. Again, Last Chance. $29. They’re the perfect height for my jeans that I got hemmed a little too long. I’ve worn them for the last 8 days and my feet have never felt better. If I could not find these for $29, I’m pretty sure I’d splurge and buy them full price because they’re that great.

Aren’t birthdays fun?

Posted Friday, November 20, 2009 in Fashion