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Have you noticed that boxes of Triscuits now include plantable basil or dill seed cards? Triscuit has partnered with the nonprofit group Urban Farming  to help people take the first step in growing their own food (or in this case, herbs) at home. They asked if they could send me two boxes of Triscuits and $20 to buy gardening supplies to try a little home farming myself, and I said yes.

I bought containers and organic soil at Target, soaked my seed cards as directed, then had the kids help me pour the soil, peel the seed card apart, and sprinkle a little soil on top. Next, we watered, and waited, and watered and waited. The directions said it would take about 10 days. On day 19, I was closely eyeing the $2.99 potted basil plants at Trader Joe’s, and seriously doubting my ability to coax out baby herblets in our 113 degree desert heat.

But then. On the morning of Day 20, I looked twice and saw we had teeny tiny green herb heads poking up! You can see them in the bottom left image above. It was a bit of a thrill, I must admit. Then I felt guilty for coveting those already-farmed basil plants. There really is something to be said for the satisfaction you get from nurturing your own plants from seeds.

Triscuit has set up a website with information, tips, and videos on starting your own “home farm”. If you’re just getting interested in growing your own food, herbs are a good way to start. It’s fun for the kids to be a part of it – especially in our case, when it took so long to get the darn things to sprout! Hopefully when the herbs big and luscious, they’ll be more willing to eat “those green things” since they grew them themselves.

More info at the Triscuit Home Farming website.

Posted Tuesday, July 6, 2010 in Activity, Food & Drink