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I love my purse hook


My mom gave me a purse hook a month or so ago, because she knows I am a total germaphobe. ( is telling me that germaphobe is not a word. Can that be true?) Especially when it comes to purses. I kind of freak out when purses are set on kitchen counters or dining room tables, because I know they are horrible nasty germ carriers. I have used my purse hook about four times since I got it, which may not seem like a lot. But one of the times was in a public restroom where there was no hook, so obviously I am now forever in debt to this handy gadget.

As you can see, the hook part folds up around the center circle, and you can easily pop it in your purse to use on tables at restaurants, mall food courts (where I’ve used it twice, because the chairbacks were round, so you couldn’t hang your purse on them), or even over the door of an icky potty stall. I can’t tell you how smart you’ll feel for keeping your purse clean and off the table. Also, I once worked with a woman who swore it was bad luck to put your purse on the floor. So even if you don’t mind funky purses, you’ll be avoiding bad luck.

The one pictured on the left is a blank one, that you can get for $10, but if you want to get a fancy one, you should check out luxe links. They’re $35, but available in lots of snazzy designs.

$9.56 at

Posted Saturday, March 21, 2009 in Fashion, Gifts