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Update: I just realized I’ve been nominated for best local blog on this site. Another woo-hoo! If you’d like to vote, here’s the link:


So it looks like Nickelodeon launched a parent web site and is now promoting it. From my blog stats, I see people are going there…and clicking on the Local link up top, and then scrolling down and clicking on the “Blogs and Sites” link…and then seeing little old Fun Finds For Mom listed as the top of the list of seven Phoenix blogs. Can I say a little Woo Hoo!?!

I was surprised to see myself there to be honest, since I haven’t written too much about the local mom scene. Although now I’m considering throwing in more Phoenix content since I do have some loyal Arizona readers (hi mom and dad!) Seriously, I did get an email from a woman at Childsplay last month who found FFFM through this site, and she kindly invited our family to come see a play. Which we did, and it was really a wonderful day. More to come on this soon.

So now’s the time to get to the point. I wanted to let you know that the Nick site lets you rate this blog with one to five stars, or write a little “review” if you so desire. I know you’re busy folks, so I will totally understand if you don’t have time to do this. But if you find yourself with a minute, and think Fun Finds For Mom is worthy of a rating or review, I would be oh so appreciative if you’d give me a thumbs up…or some stars. Never mind. I’ve heard from multiple people that this is a big pain with links that don’t work, so don’t waste your precious time!!

Also, if you’re a Phoenix reader and you would like to see me writing about more local companies, places to go, things to do, etc. I’d appreciate it if you send me a note or leave a comment. Thanks so much everyone!

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