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iQ natural cleaners


If you like Method or Mrs. Meyers natural cleaning products, I’m betting you’ll like the iQ line of products even better. They sent me two products to try — the Green Tea all-purpose cleaner and the Nectarine Plum bathroom cleaner.

So why will you like them better? A few reasons. In my opinion, their clear advantage is their smell. Why? I found both the green tea and nectarine plum to be much fresher and more subtle than other “natural” cleaners I’ve used. Really. I kept smelling the rag in between wipes of the kitchen counter and bathroom tile.

Another nice difference is that the cleaners are sold with an empty bottle and a cartridge of the cleaning solution. You fill the bottle with tap water, drop in the cartridge, then insert the sprayer. While twisting in the spray top, you’ll hear a click which is the cartridge popping open, followed by a squidlike sploosh of color into the bottle. You shake it gently, figure out how to get the nozzle opened up, then spray away.This may be obvious, but the advantage of providing your own water and buying refill cartridges is that you’re reducing the number of full bottles that have to be shipped, cutting down on truck exhaust, oil usage and plastic. Plus, it costs less than buying full bottles. The iQ starter kit for each of their products (one bottle plus one cartridge) costs $3.99 on That’s the same as a bottle of Method spray. After that, the refill cartridges are $2.29 each.

iQ is committed to quality of their products — some “natural” cleaners get a bad rap for not working as well as their chemical-laden cousins. I found these to work just as well as the Mrs. Meyers spray I usually use on my counters. I typically use Soft Scrub on the tub, so it was new for me to use a bathroom spray. It got the tub ring right off — the kids’ tub seems to get a ring daily, so I like the idea of using this every day instead of scrubbing with Soft Scrub and a sponge. I admit, I hate plopping my kids’ tender tushes in the tub after using a bleachy chemical scrub.

The ingredients in the iQ bathroom spray are… coconut derived surfactant, sugar-based acid, fragrance, colouring, preservative and water.I admit the word “preservative” can probably cover a lot of things, but overall, I like the sound of this better than my Soft Scrub label, which says “WARNING: EYE IRRITANT. Contains surfactants and hypochlorite bleach. Avoid contact with eyes. May cause skin irritation. For sensitive skin or prolonged use wear gloves. Use with adequate ventilation.”

In addition to the all-purpose cleaner and bathroom spray, iQ also has a glass spray (I want to get it just to see what Bamboo Berry smells like) and a Papaya Mango floor cleaner. Learn more about their products and their mission on their website and their Facebook page.

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Here’s my new bathroom spray sitting happily in the kids’ bathroom waiting to be used again:

Posted Saturday, May 14, 2011 in Cleaning