Fun Finds For Mom

little people


Remember when the little people we played with as kids looked something like this? I was so happy to come across these little wooden folks at the Goose Grease Undone Etsy shop. Then I saw that she has another shop, Goose Grease, selling painted figures, and I kinda flipped. Yes the little guys cost much less if you buy them plain, but there’s no way I could create these cool figures. Take a look… Here’s one of the custom wedding cake toppers (You can order them to look just like the bride and groom. And their dogs. Or their kids.)


These little pirates reminded me of the Pirate birthday party I’m taking my own little guy to tomorrow:


And the coolest checker set ever — pirates vs. ninjas:


I might get a blonde version of this one for my Ladybug Girl-loving daughter:


or order up your own little family, painted to look like you of course, and a box to keep them in. Now I think I want a box of my family. Is that strange?



Posted Thursday, May 14, 2009 in Gifts, Kids