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Looking for Non-Mint Dental Floss

I’d like to get my kids into the flossing habit, but they can’t stand mint. I thought I’d be able to easily find some kid-friendly flavored dental floss, but no. Just about all I turned up was this bacon floss. Cute gift for a bacon lover, but the kids aren’t bacon fans either. And somehow giving your kids bacon floss doesn’t seem like a responsible mom move.

I saw an article about a Dubble Bubble flavored floss that came out several years ago, but it doesn’t look like that’s available any more. If you have a lead on some non-mint floss, please share. Maybe my sister can find some in Japan before her visit later this month. After all, if they make such zany flavored toothpastes there, maybe she’ll have better luck than I did!

Posted Monday, February 2, 2009 in Uncategorized