Fun Finds For Mom


I was the winning bidder on a lululemon “yoga starter kit” at our preschool’s Fall Festival/Silent Auction this weekend. Yippee! Here’s what I won:


(I took this picture standing on my bed and hit my head on the fan in the process.)

My favorite so far is the headband. I’ve been wearing it all day (except for when I left the house to go to Trader Joe’s). It keeps my hair out of my face and is great for face-washing too. The prize bag also came with a poster showing the same inspirational sayings you see here on the bag. Print yours out here.

I’m looking forward to trying the yoga mat. Hopefully it’s not as slippy as my last one. Finally, I got a water bottle, also with the inspirational messages. What a fun prize.

There’s a new lululemon (prounced lulu lemon, in case you’re wondering. I thought it was something else because I got confused by all those l’s and u’s) store in the Biltmore Fashion Park that I want to check out. I kind of want to trade the bottle in for another headband. Would that be poor silent auction prize recipient etiquette?

lululemon has been holding free weekend yoga and pilates classes and stroller strides outings on the beautiful grounds of the Biltmore Fashion Park. Find the schedule here.

Posted Sunday, October 25, 2009 in Fashion