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More Pinwheels

If by chance you’re planning a pinwheel party, or just need some pinwheels, I spotted some adorable and affordable ones from Jackrabbit Creations (found them at LGO, if you’re a Phoenix local).

The ones shown above are their Flower Pinwheels, and they come in 4 colors. You can get one of each color for $7. They also offer 7″ coated paper with wood stick Big Wheels (5 for $10) and 4″ Party Pinwheels — also coated paper with wood sticks — (5 for $5). If I had known about these, I definitely would have gotten them, instead of investing in all the scrapbook paper, brads and lollipop sticks – to make my own NON-SPINNING pinwheels 😉

Get them at Jackrabbit Creations

Posted Thursday, September 23, 2010 in Gifts, Kids