Fun Finds For Mom

My new Flipped Bird bag

I’ve long admired the Flipped Bird bags sold at La Grande Orange. So when I saw one was up for bid in my son’s school fund-raising auction, I knew that was one item I wanted to win! And win I did. I must say, it’ s nice to take a break from wearing a backpack.

This bag is most comfortable for me slung across my chest. It’s plenty big, which is always nice when you need to throw in an extra set of clothes, a bathing suit, or a few library books. I guess it’s time to accept I won’t be carrying a small purse any time soon. Plus, it’s quite pretty. I got lots of “Cute bag!”s in the preschool hallway this morning.

Flipped Bird is run by a local Phoenix mom. She also sells great yoga bags, saddle bags, hats and headbands. I think everything she makes is reversible.

This bag ($48) and lots of other goodies available at Flipped Bird

Posted Wednesday, March 31, 2010 in Fashion, Organizing