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My New Shoes


I was admiring my mom’s new shoes the other day, and she told me she had gotten them from the Overstocks section of the Lands End website. So off I went and ordered myself a pair of these “Mary Jane Trekker” shoes. They arrived a few days ago, and I am loving them. I needed a closed-toe shoe that was comfortable and had some kind of anti-stink material, which these are – and they do. I’ve ordered Lands End shoes before, so it was nice to know what size I needed – and I was really happy with the last pair I bought from them.

Here’s the part where I sound like I’m being paid to write this, but I’m not: These shoes totally make me feel like I have long muscular legs, and like I have more energy. Maybe it’s something about new shoes in general, but I really think I get more energy when I wear these. I’m not sure if they look all that cute, but to me comfort is more important. So if you think they’re really ugly, go ahead and tell me. But you’ll still see me wearing them just about every day. Once I find a pair of shoes I like, I tend to do that. Oh – and the price was great too. But wait- now I’m confused. I ordered these for $14.99 last week, and now they’re $39.50. Hmmm. Looks like this color is the higher price, but they have them in “coral orange” for $14.99.

$39.50 (gray/yellow) or $14.99 (red) at

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