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“My Songs” Personalized Kids CD

Through a lucky coincidence, we were given three “My Songs” personalized kids CD’s about a year ago. A co-worker of mind had received 3 sample CDs while planning an event, and they happened to be personalized with my daughter’s name.

We lost one and another one is somewhere in the stack of CD’s on top of the TV, but the original My Songs CD has been in my car for many many months in HEAVY rotation. It is scary to think how many hundreds of times I have listened to this CD, because my 2 year old daughter demands it daily. She knows every part to every song, and shouts “Look me, Mama!” at all the good dancing parts, where she thrashes her head from side to side and kicks her legs wildly. In all honesty, I now do everything I can to keep this CD tucked out of sight because it is permanently imprinted on my brain (no wonder why I can’t remember anything anymore), but I do keep it within arm’s reach, because it brings her such joy over and over… and over again.

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Posted Sunday, October 19, 2008 in Gifts, Kids