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Nekter Juice Bar

Nekter Counter

I told you guys about my “cleanse” earlier this year, and am happy to report that green smoothies (plus lots of coffee) have now become my standard breakfast. Some days I don’t have the time or ingredients to make my own smoothies, so I was happy when I discovered Nekter Juice Bar had opened right in my neighborhood! And I was even happier when they invited me bring in the kids and try a few of their treats for a blog review.

Nekter Tables

As you can see, the Nekter atmosphere is clean and bright, and it smells — well, like freshly juiced fruits and veggies. Most customers are in yoga wear and look like they’re frequent juicers.  (It’s worth mentioning that making fresh juices and smoothies take time, so don’t expect your order to be ready immediately.)

The day I brought the kids, I tried the Pink Flamingo, which was recommended by the manager. Check out this color!

Pink Flamingo

All natural, baby. It’s made with pitaya, or dragon fruit, and tastes sweet and coco-nutty. My daughter got a “make your own” smoothie. She chose strawberries, bananas, apple juice and cinnamon and happily slurped it all up. My son had a PBJ Acai Bowl. I had always wondered what exactly the acai bowls were like. Underneath the fresh fruit and crunchy granola, there’s a frozen yogurt-like icy, creamy, fruity mix. Take a look:

PBJ Acai Bowl

The serving size is huge (my son is a big eater but couldn’t finish it) so I think the next time, my kids could probably split one. I grabbed a Skinny Lemonade on the way out the door and took it to work with me. These are perfect for a lunch substitution on a busy day, or for a nice mid-day drink that you can grab out of the cooler if you don’t have time to wait for a fresh-squeezed juice.

Skinny Lemonade

That cayenne pepper gave the Skinny Lemonade a nice bite (and stopped me from guzzling it down too quickly!) There’s also a Strawberry Lemonade and a few ginger flavored drinks I’m planning to try.

If you’re juice cleanse-curious, check out the 1, 2, 3 and 5 day juice cleanse options on the Nekter Juice Bar website. Currently, Nekter has locations in Arizona, California, Colorado and Texas. Check out all their locations right here. If you go to the 44th Street and Indian School location, maybe I’ll see you there!

Posted Monday, October 27, 2014 in Food & Drink