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Our Backyard Play Set

With the holidays coming up, some of you might be looking for the best backyard play set or swing set. That’s exactly what we were doing three years ago. I wanted a play structure that would give the kids the hours of entertainment I remember enjoying as a kid, but didn’t want to spend a small fortune on something that they’d eventually outgrow. I wanted wood, so the kids wouldn’t burn themselves on metal in our scorching desert heat. However I knew I wanted the swing set to sit on the grass, so it was unavoidable that the wood would get blasted with water from the sprinkler. Another reason not to spend a ton on a wood play set.

After researching our options, we found the perfect swing set at Walmart.  Ours is the Adventure Play Sets Pathfinder Wooden Swing Set, an all-cedar wood swing set with two single swings, a double glider swing, a slide, fort area with ladder and rock wall leading up to it, and a built-in picnic table, and sand-box area. Three years later, the kids (now ages 6 and 8) are still getting plenty of use out of it. Their favorite way to use it is as a water slide. They loop the hose around the wood over the slide, hanging it down with a steady low flow of water down the slide. At the bottom of the slide, they fill their inflatable pool so they can land with a big splash!

They also love swinging on the two single swings, or on the glider swing with friends.

Our exact model is out of stock, so I picked out a few very similar swing sets you might like to surprise your kids with on Christmas morning.

We ordered ours online and had it shipped to our local Walmart — no shipping charge!

Backyard Discovery Tucson Cedar Wooden Swing Set ($399)

Backyard Discovery Prescott Cedar Wooden Swing Set ($299)

Cedar Summit Brookridge Cedar Wooden Play Swing Set ($449)

Backyard Discovery Montpelier Cedar Wooden Swing Set ($599)

Santa built the swing set in pieces in the neighbor’s yard, then set it up with his elves while the kids were sleeping Christmas Eve. They found a poem on the mantle telling them to look outside for a surprise! If the grandparents are looking for a gift for the kids, perhaps they’d like to sponsor this Santa gift — that’s what our parents did!

Posted Tuesday, October 30, 2012 in Gifts, Kids