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Our new favorite pancakes

In an effort to pack more protein and nutrition into my kids’ diet, I have been conducting various (failed) experiments in the pancake department. Cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, whole wheat flour and chia seeds all made multiple appearances. Much to my kids’ — and let’s be honest, my husband’s — delight, I finally found a pancake everyone can love. It has oats, which makes me happy. (Yay whole grains!) But it’s made with “regular” all purpose flour and has a texture that’s to everyone’s liking. I like how they rise up nice and high but have a dense consistency. This morning I made a double batch of these Cinnamon Oat Pancakes and froze a bunch so we can toast them up for the kids to eat during the week.

Here’s the growing stack of oatcakes. Do you like how I got all artsy with the elephant? (Not a good idea to get sucked into creative photography while you have pancakes on the stove, by the way.)

Does anyone have a good set of cookware to recommend? We’ve had our nonstick Calphalon knock-offs from Costco since we got married almost 12 years ago, but they’re looking pretty beat up. My husband asked for pots and pans for Christmas.

And here’s the recipe. If you can’t read it, head over to Martha Stewart’s site right here.

Posted Saturday, December 1, 2012 in Food & Drink