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PackIt Insulated Lunch Bags Review

I’m sure many of you either have kids who just started back to school, or have their first day of school coming soon. If you’re looking for a new lunch box or lunch bag, you might want to consider the PackIt insulated lunch bag. I wrote the company and asked for one to review, after my friend Melinda asked if I had any insulated lunch bags to recommend.

My daughter has been using the PackIt for a week now, and here are my thoughts:

Features to love:

  • The bag itself is the ice pack, so no need to remember to put an ice block into a lunchbox. Plus, it’s cold on all sides.
  • Folds down flat for easy storage in the freezer.
  • Velcro keeps a packed lunch closed snugly, and it’s easy for little hands to open.
  • Keeps my daughter’s lunch very cold until lunchtime (about 4 hours after she leaves for school). She said her crackers were “freezing”.
  • Keeps her snack cool (about 6 hours after she leaves for school).
  • Cute designs and an easy to carry handle.
  • Non-toxic, PVC and lead free.
  • My daughter prefers the PackIt to her PBK butterfly lunchbox.

Things to consider:

  • The bag itself feels heavy to me. I actually thought they sent me two when I felt the package, because of its weight. Although it’s funny, my kids both say it isn’t heavy.
  • Not dishwasher or washing machine safe. You have to wipe it down. It hasn’t gotten too messy yet, but I plan to turn it inside-out and wash it with dish soap and a sponge then dry inside-out overnight, like I do with my son’s Lands End lunchbox.
  • It’s advertised to stay cold for “up to 10 hours”. In our case, it feels cool-ish 8 hours later, after being in an air-conditioned building all day.
  • The sides are all soft, so it works best with reusable containers. If you’re packing food in plastic baggies, it’s likely to get squished.

Overall, if I’m comparing the PackIt to a regular lunchbox with a little freezer puck, I’d say it keeps food colder (for up to 4 or 5 hours after taking out of freezer). I wouldn’t pack a mayonnaisey sandwich in a PackIt and eat it 10 hours later, but you weren’t planning to do that. Were you? If you have thoughts on this or other lunch bags or boxes, please leave a comment!

Get Two PackIt insulated lunch bags for $19.95 (plus shipping and handling) at

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