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Party Planning


I mentioned I’ve been getting into all the party planning sites lately. The inspiration is a little party we’re having for my daughter who’s turning three next month. It won’t be big – probably 6 kids including my own. But it’s her first real party, and she is very excited that it will be a “lollipop party”.

I went to Michael’s hoping to pick out some scrapbook paper to make a pennant style birthday banner, and was having trouble deciding what colors to go with. Then I saw these Martha Stewart dot stickers and thought I’d use these to match up with the bajillion colors of scrapbook paper to get colors that look nice together. It worked brilliantly. Now I just need to figure out how to use it to make the sign itself. Oh good. Just found a tutorial here, although it looks kind of intimidating.

Now I’m looking at this photo from a gorgeous Amy Atlas event, which kind of looks like the triangles are strung together on tape, which I just might try…


Tons more lollipop party and candy inspiration at TomKat Studio and Amy Atlas. I think I could be very happy creating dessert tables for a living.

Stay tuned for more pretty party stuff.

Posted Tuesday, July 28, 2009 in Decorating