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Party Time

I know I’ve neglected you lately. It’s party because I have become way too obsessed with perusing party blogs and party planning websites. There are such seriously creative and talented people out there. But I’m taking a break from all the eye candy to share some with you…


how can you not love a little bag of gumballs: $2.50 at bohemia baby

I’m also in love with this felt party hat:


It’s $6.50 at modernlola (which also sells great birthday candles)

And speaking of felt birthday party decorations, I found a felt garland from fredflare at a very good price. Unfortunately the first photo is pretty cheesy…


so let me check out the next one. I’m sure it will show a product close-up without the accordian-playing booty-bumpers…


mmm. nope. okay, let’s try the final product shot…


Now this is reminding me of Greg Brady. Clearly I’m not their target customer. I’ll just have to imagine these little circles draped up garland-style for a three-year old’s birthday party.

If you have a hankering to feast your eyes on the most amazing parties out there, you should check out the Party Perfect blog. I have to take a break now, because I’ve been reading DEEP into the Party Perfect archives. You know when you’re getting in the holiday spirit in the middle of July (from reading every single post all the way back to December), it’s time to step away from the computer.

Posted Monday, July 20, 2009 in Kids