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PishPosh Carryall


Look at this pretty little package that arrived in the mail last week from PishPosh Mommy. When I untied the brown satiny bow, there was a soft stylish PishPosh Carryall for me to review. I immediately filled up the pockets with all my “purse stuff” because the bag is essentially a purse organizer that lets you turn any purse into a diaper bag.

I hope I’m not jixing myself by saying that I am getting to the point in my life where I will no longer have to carry around a spare pull-up, but even if you’re not a diaper carrier, it is still so great for organizing all the other junk – I mean other momly essentials, you carry around. Here’s a peek at the stocked PishPosh (sunglasses, wipes, wallet and snacks tucked into the middle, tissues, sunscreen, scrunched up reusable bags, and keys in the outside pockets):


Once you have the carryall stuffed with all your supplies, you can pop it into your purse or bag and feel organized for once in your life – or maybe that’s a me thing.  If you switch purses frequently, like I seem to do regularly, it will help you avoid leaving something behind in the transfer.


I took all my pics with the carryall open, but here’s a photo from the PishPosh Mommy website to show you how neatly it cinches up:


I should mention that the PishPosh Carryall was designed by two moms who missed the days when they could grab a purse and go. Now you can buy one to get your stylish self organized.

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$45 at

Posted Sunday, June 14, 2009 in Baby, Fashion, Organizing