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Rainbow Rice

I wrote earlier about our ventures into sensory play.  We did get the 5 lb bag of dry pinto beans, and colored some rainbow rice — and both have provided lots of feel-good playtime.

I’m not sure who had more fun making the rainbow rice — my daughter or me (there’s something very satisfying about shaking a jar of rice and watching the color saturate all the grains in a few seconds — especially when you’re mixing colors).

I followed the instructions from Domestic Simplicity, which basically went like this:

Things you need:

1. 5 pound bag of rice

2. Liquid food coloring (the regular old drops, not the gel)

3. Jar with lid (we used an old pickle jar)

4. White vinegar

5. Cookie sheet lined with foil


1. Put 2 tablespoons on vinegar in the jar.

2. Add 1-2 cups of rice and some drops of food coloring.

3. Put the lid on and shake away until all the rice is colored.

4. Pour colored rice in a row on a cookie sheet lined with foil.

5. Rinse jar and repeat with as many colors as you like.

6. Once all rice is colored, put tray in oven on 175 for 10 minutes or so — or put cookie sheet out in the sun to dry.

7. Admire rows of colored rice and take lots of pictures (or maybe that’s just me)

8. Pour rice into a big bowl or bin and give your child cups and spoons for mixing and scooping.

My daughter was delighted that the final product looked a lot like the rainbow sprinkles on the cupcakes at her birthday party!

Posted Friday, May 21, 2010 in Activity, Kids