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Sensory Play

I am noticing lately how much my daughter enjoys “sensory play”. She goes right for the bins of rice or beans at preschool to run her hands through them, sometimes digging out buried treasures  – but mostly just enjoying the feeling. Today the bins had warm water and small smooth seashell-shaped objects.  She started a game of having me hide two of them under my hands she would guess what color they were. Later in the afternoon, we were at the park and she plopped herself down in the sand and ran her hands through it, telling me she really liked how it felt.

Last week, I whipped up a mix of cornstarch and water (some call it “oobleck” – like in the Dr. Seuss book) with some food coloring drops. She and my son spent almost an hour playing with the concoction that hardens when squeezed together, and oozes when held in an open palm.

This week, I’m going to get a big bag of beans and color some rice, so she has plenty of sensory stimulation at home too.

For more inspiration, you should read about Mary Beth’s “sensory party” on her blog Salt & Chocolate. And for  info on why sensory play is important, check out this blog post on “not just cute”.

Here are more oozy photos of our cornstarch play:

Posted Monday, May 3, 2010 in Kids