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Sharpies and cereal boxes

Here’s another great idea I found on Salt and Chocolate — coloring on cereal boxes with Sharpies! I actually had a drawer full of cereal boxes awaiting some unknown crafty purpose, so this art activity worked out perfectly!

I used to be against coloring books and coloring pages, because I wanted my kids to learn to create their own art, free of any restrictions. My thinking has evolved, and now we do a mix of freehand drawing, books that teach step by step drawing, and plain old coloring in the lines.

Just cut and open up cereal boxes, draw some outlined shapes, and let the kids color in as they like. I also like to draw oval head shapes with ears and a neck (got this idea from Brooke at Inchmark) and let the kids finish the faces — like this…

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Posted Monday, August 20, 2012 in Activity