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Smart & Silky Foaming Hand Sanitizer

smartandsilkyI think I found a hand sanitizer I don’t hate. I bought this Smart & Silky hand sanitizer at Target, and here’s why I like it. It foams, so no slimy gel rolling off the kids’ hands. It’s alcohol-free, so it doesn’t burn my cracked dry hands – or any scrapes the kids might have on their hands. (Apparently hand sanitizers with alcohol are also a big ingestion and fire risk – two things I have never worried about in a hand sanitizer, I must admit. And I’ve got most worries covered.) I bought the travel-size bottle, and it fits right in the side pocket of my backpack, so I can whip it out and squirt the kids’ hands in an instant (like the second we get to the car after playing on the grungy flu-infested playground equipment).

Don’t get me wrong. I’m still a big time soap and water girl, but when a sink isn’t available, it’s great to have on hand. I plan to try some natural hand sanitizers like Cleanwell, because it bothers me that the same company who makes this Smart & Silky also makes household cleaning products like carpet cleaner, wallpaper stripper, and algae and mold-removing products. Sounds kinda harsh, no?

Do any of you have hand sanitizers you’d recommend?

Costs around $2.50 at Target (not for sale online, but here’s the link to the Smart & Silky website)

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