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Sorry to say, Sigg bottles contain BPA


Oh how I hate that this is true, but Sigg’s CEO posted a letter on their web site stating that the epoxy liners in their bottles produced before August 2008 contain trace amounts of BPA. Yes, these are the same bottles my kids have been drinking out of for years, and that I have given as gifts to others.

The company maintains that these bottles don’t leach BPA, and thus are still safe to use. Personally, I won’t be using mine any longer, and I won’t be purchasing any more products from Sigg. I wrote a letter to the company yesterday letting them know how I felt about their not being completely forthcoming about the makeup of their liner, while they were raking in the dough from consumers who believed they were buying a BPA-free product. I’m going to check with Whole Foods, where I bought my bottles, to see if they’ll offer any kind of refund or exchange.

For a good deal more information on this issue, go to Zrecs

Update: I went to the Whole Foods at Cactus and Tatum today, and returned my Sigg bottles. The customer service manager had not heard about the Sigg issue, and said that their return policy was to give a store credit if there was no receipt. Since I bought the bottles 2 years ago, there was no receipt. She gave me a store credit for the amount that the Sigg bottles sell for now (about $41 for one small plus one regular size bottle). I read that Whole Foods in Canada is offering a full refund to customers who return Sigg bottles to their stores. I’m going to hang onto my gift card for a while in case the U.S. stores end up implementing this policy too.

Posted Sunday, August 23, 2009 in Food & Drink, Kids