Fun Finds For Mom

Spring decor ideas from Sweet Salvage


Now that the holiday decorations are all packed up, it’s time to freshen things up around the house, right? With today’s gorgeous weather in Phoenix, I was so happy to cruise over to Sweet Salvage with my windows down, Bruno Mars blaring on the radio, sun shining through the moon roof. Yes, life is good. For those of you who don’t know about Sweet Salvage, its an amazing vintage market that opens its doors every third Thursday – Sunday of the month on 7th Avenue just south of Camelback Road. This month’s theme was Green Acres — chandeliers and glitz for Zsa Zsa (or was it Eva?) and lots of farm/garden inspiration to represent that guy with the pitchfork. Harvey something? Above are some faux moss balls displayed with some bubbly Pellegrino. Next, trophy topiaries all lined up in a row.


I was happy to see Boho Farm’s freshly made jams and cute little chalkboard garden markers…



How cool is this “Roots” display with mismatched vintage letters and rusty wheels? Sarah – did you go and did you see this?! (My friend’s last name is Root and she’s a Sweet Salvage junkie.)


As always, there were loads of wire baskets, lights, and even these plant hanging thingies.


I was seriously tempted by this jumbo chalkboard. It was the real deal — probably came from a school classroom before the “smart boards” were moved in.sweet-chalkboard

Isn’t the green glass of these bottles striking against the wood bowl?


The burlap trend doesn’t seem to be going away, as evidenced by all the burlap pillows, ribbon, basket liners and upholstery. I overheard one woman say “I’m OBSESSED with burlap” as I was taking this photo.


Hey look! There I am!


The only thing I walked away with was a 1930s cookbook that still had the “Take me, I’m free” sticker in it from last month, when they hid lots of free stickers on items throughout the market. I’m on a major de-cluttering mission and my husband would have killed me if I came home with a car load of “junque”. Plus I wanted to be nice and leave all the good stuff for you! Be sure to check  it out before Sunday.

Posted Thursday, January 17, 2013 in Decorating