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Super cute headbands

etsy headbands

Suddenly I am very into headbands. It started with this one, and then my mom gave one to my daughter that is perfect for keeping her hair out of her face. And surprisingly enough, she will actually wear it for a long time. I spotted these handmade headbands on Etsy, and I kind of want every single one in this photo.

What I like about these is that they are all reversible with two different coordinating fabrics, and most importantly, they are thinner and elastic on the bottom, to make sure they stay on comfortably. See?


Also, I have a funny headband story (that I don’t remember but I’ve heard it a zillion times). When I was in Kindergarten, I really really wanted to wear my big plastic white 70’s headband for my school picture. My mom told me I couldn’t, because she was sure it wouldn’t stay in place all the way until photo time. She loves telling about how she saw me walking out the door to the car, holding the headband behind my back and decided if I wanted it that badly, she’d go ahead and let me “sneak” it out of the house. Sure enough, my school pictures came home several days later, and there I was with my sweet innocent smile… and the forbidden headband. I tried to scan the photo in, but it’s not working. I’ll post it when I can!

Headbands $10 at jak Boutique

(Be sure to provide a head measurement if you’re ordering for your little girl. Otherwise they come in adult size.)

p.s. I just read jac Boutique’s profile, and she sounds like someone you’d want to be friends with – or at least order a headband from. She also lives in Charlotte, which is the name of my new niece who was born last week!

Posted Sunday, December 6, 2009 in Fashion, Gifts, Kids