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Swoop Mini Giveaway

Do you know about Swoop Bags? They’re drawstring bags that expand out to become a play mat. Your kids can play with Legos to their heart’s content, then swoop up the bag and instantly have it all cleaned up — without any actual picking up! Scroll down to enter to win your own Swoop Mini!

I don’t know about your kids, but mine usually find a way to make it look like they’ve cleaned up — but then I’ll find some strategically placed pillows hiding a big pile of Legos that never made it into the bin. These bags are a win win for mom and kids!

This modern toy storage company was created by a mom (of course) and graphic designer named Sarah Kirk, who based the bag off handmade bags her grandmother and mother had made in the past. Genius, right?!

On October 1, Swoop is launching a new product: Swoop Mini. It’s made of the same 100% cotton sturdy canvas and durable black nylon drawstring as the original. The difference is the size, which is 16″ diameter instead of the 44″ diameter of the original — perfect for bringing on play dates, on the plane, or on road trips. They can be used not only for Legos, but Polly Pockets, Squinkies, stuffed animals — or any small toys you’re tired of stepping on or finding scattered around the house!

Enter to win a Swoop Mini by leaving a comment on this post by Monday, October 1, telling us what you would use it for! The winner will be randomly chose and announced by October 2. Thanks and good luck!

Congratulations to #5, Carrie, who said: “Yes! I was just eyeing swoop again the other day. For now, we still have all the Legos in a huge bed sheet that we use exactly like the swoop bag!! Hahaha.”

Posted Tuesday, September 25, 2012 in Kids, Organizing