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The best play food that’s not really play food


At Christmas time, my 2 year old said she wanted three things: a baby doll, an elephant with a pink bow, and cherries. I wasn’t sure what to make of the cherries request. Fresh cherries? A bag of dried cherries from Trader Joe’s? Or play cherries of some kind?  Fortunately, Santa came through and gave her a bunch of very realistic-looking play cherries that he must have gotten in the vase filler section at Target.

They’re out of stock online, but I saw the cherries in my Target the other day, alongside apples, pears, and more. This mixed fruit box looks like the most fun to me, because you get a little of everything.  If you get the cherries for your little one, be sure to supervise because they’re super realistic and of course could be a chokable. Also, you’ll want a designated case to store them in, because there are 82 in a box. Trust me, that’s a lot of cherries. We use one of the cardboard cases from the Land of Nod set that Santa also brought. Love that Santa.

$7 or $8 at Target

Posted Friday, March 27, 2009 in Gifts, Kids, Organizing