Fun Finds For Mom

THE container store


I’m working on a project that has me looking at containers, and I found a site called Container and Packaging Supply that sells just about any kind of container you can imagine. Glass, plastic, metal… you name it, they have it. I am very into packaging, so these bottles, tins and jars are so inspiring to me. Suddenly I have the urge to make candles,  fingerpaints, vanilla extract, natural cleaning supplies… you get the idea.

Not inspired by the bottles above? Maybe you’d prefer something in the jar family – in cobalt blue perhaps? Or some bottles to try your hand at crafting your own beer?

containers2And what’s a container without a top? There are pumps, squirt-tops, screw-ons…


shakers,misters, spray-tops…


Anyone else inspired to make something? Or put something in a jar?

Posted Wednesday, October 7, 2009 in Organizing