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Wipes Wallet


In my experience, moms fall into two categories… those who carry wipes with them at all times, and those who forgot theirs. Lately, I’ve been in the forgetter group, because I switched purses and the wipes got left behind in the transfer. But my point is, that if you’re going to be packing the wipes, you might as well stash them in something cute and easy to spot in your purse, like this chic little wipey clutch made by a mom of three.

And if you’re not inclined to treat yourself to one of these cuties, I think this case would make a great baby shower gift, packaged up with a matching burp pad and bib, also from Katiebug Boutique.

$13 at Katiebug Boutique

Spotted on Remarkably Great, a blog written by an “Australian mum”, about all her favorite mom and baby gear. I came across this blog in my stats, because she listed Fun Finds For Mom in her favorite links. Thanks for the love, Emily!

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