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You’re invited to try Kidlee!

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I am oh so proud and happy to announce a new website my husband and I have been working on called Kidlee. It’s a simple way to save and share memories about your kids. So far, I’m using it to quickly jot down my kids’ funny quotes and anecdotes. It can just as easily be used to capture milestones like the day your baby first sat up, said mama, or had an explosive poop in the library when you had no change of clothes.

Until now, I’ve done a sorry job of tracking my own kids’ lives, but the more I use Kidlee, the more I remember to use it. Finally I’m building a nice record with a whole collection of funny moments that my kids are going to love reading when they’re older. Actually, my older son is already having fun reading things when he walks by my computer and sees a list of things he’s said earlier in the day.

In addition to saving all these great moments, you can also choose to share them with friends and family if you like. Once they’ve accepted their invitation, recipients will get a weekly email update with your most recent Kidlee entries. My mom got her update today and called to tell me how much she enjoyed reading it. (And we see my mom just about every day – so I know my mother-in-law who lives halfway across the country must really be loving it.)

We’re in beta testing mode now, so I would love to invite you all to be among the first to try it out and tell me what you think. Just go to and use FFFMOM as your Invite Code. I hope this will help many many parents by providing a quick, simple way to capture the wonderful and amazing things our kids say and do. Spoken like a true mom, huh?

Posted Tuesday, February 16, 2010 in Baby, Kids