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An end to our toothbrushing battles


This post only applies if the word “toothbrushing” makes you cringe thinking of the twice daily battle you have with your little one. Well, I somehow stumbled upon the use of bandaids as toothbrushing rewards. My 2-year-old, who used to have a screaming fit, then seal her mouth shut and bury her head in my stomach every time I got the toothbrush out, now opens wide to let me brush. All I have to do is remind her that she gets a band-aid afterward for her “pretend boo-boo”. (We use Dora band-aids, but these monkeys would probably be a hit too.) I know wasting band-aids is not a good thing, but it is oh so worth it for me. If you have other tips for toothbrushing battles, comment away!

Lucky Monkey Band-Aids $4.99 at Five Little Monkeys

Posted Sunday, February 8, 2009 in Bath & Body