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Ice Cube Stick Trays

I know. It’s an ice cube tray. But I’m abnormally excited about it. I learned about these from a reader comment after I complained about having to melt down regular ice cubs to fit in the kids’ Sigg bottles. My mom found these trays at Bed Bath and Beyond last week, and gave me one. Actually she gave me three, because that’s how many come in a set. But I kept only one, because I had visions of lots of spilled water in my overcrowded freezer.

So I made my first batch, and then got some use out of them last night. My daughter was so upset after taking her icky tasting medicine. Nothing would stop the tears. Then I got the idea to offer her an “ice stick” and suddenly the crying stopped. She was intrigued. I wrapped it up in a paper towel for her to hold, and she was as happy as if I had given her a popsicle. Then this morning, the kids started back to school and I popped these ice sticks into their bottles in seconds. They fit perfectly and I was so happy I wasn’t grabbing handfuls of ice from the freezer bin (using the triple dog dare method of having the ice cubes stick to my wet hands to transport them to the sink) and running them under the water to melt them down.

What do you all do to keep drinks cold in your reusable bottles? Has everyone been using these trays and I’m the last to know? Do tell. Have I mentioned I love comments?

$3.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond

Posted Tuesday, January 6, 2009 in Uncategorized